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TrustLevel Features

Browser Extension
and Web App

TrustLevel offers a browser extension and web application that enables users to access reputation scores while browsing the internet. Users can view reputation scores of websites or social media accounts, helping them make informed decisions about the trustworthiness of online information sources.

Content Analysis

TrustLevel utilizes AI technology to analyze the content of websites or social media platforms. It performs text analysis, context setting, sentiment analysis, and identifies elements like factual information, clickbait potential, and promotional nature, providing immediate feedback on the website's reputation.

Integration with Cardano Blockchain

TrustLevel leverages the Cardano blockchain for secure and transparent storage of reputation scores. By integrating with the blockchain, it ensures data integrity, decentralization, and user control over reputation data.

Reputation Scoring 

TrustLevel provides a reputation scoring system that evaluates the trustworthiness, objectivity, and origin of online information and sources. It uses AI and cross-referencing algorithms to analyze content, sources, and other parameters to generate reputation scores.

Source Quality

TrustLevel assesses the quality of available sources by analyzing hyperlinks, references, and cross-referencing with previously published similar articles. It evaluates the credibility, expertise, and possible bias of authors or organizations behind the sources.


TrustLevel calculates a controversy score that measures whether reputable sources have published comparable or different information. It assesses the consistency of information with other trusted sources, contributing to determining the objectivity and trustworthiness of the source.​

News & Research

The REP verifies the credibility of sources and the expertise of reviewers, ensuring that news articles and research publications are accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.


The REP enhances the reliability of oracles by evaluating and ensuring that data providers are reputable and trustworthy, thereby improving the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data fed into smart contracts.


The REP ensures that policy proposals and governance decisions are evaluated by the most reputable and knowledgeable individuals, enhancing trust and accountability in decision-making.


The REP authenticates product reviews and seller ratings, helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions based on trustworthy and reputable feedback.


The REP evaluates the credibility and risk of decentralized financial projects, protecting investors and maintaining the integrity of the financial ecosystem.

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